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Today, all major business processes are computerized in part or in whole. Therefore, every company must have an application support organization to ensure that these business applications run successfully and are error free. These support groups provide the backbone services that keep the production business applications going, which in turn allow the business itself to keep functioning. SupportStep is designed to provide the information necessary to successfully establish and manag the business application support group.

First, let's put The SupportStep Application Support Framework into perspective. Support is a specific type of work that all organizations perform. Even though all companies perform support, there are many ways for the support organization to be structured. You could have a dedicated group(s) that does nothing but support. You could also have a group(s) that performs the support function, as well as discretionary enhancements and projects. The SupportStep Framework describes the support function and not necessarily a specific support organization model.

In some methodologies, you will find links to order books. On others, you will find a professor's notes from a college class. Here, you will find most of what you need to successfully establish and manage a support organization. The SupportStep Application Support Framework can be used for large support organizations or small ones. It contains information that will allow you to be as sophisticated as you need to be based on the size and criticality of your organization. After reviewing the SupportStep process and templates, you will agree that the content is unique and provides a complete picture that is not found anywhere else.

Before you begin to read about the SupportStep procedures, best practices, and templates, take a minute to review background information in the following pages.

101.0 The Value of SupportStep

102.0 Caveats and Assumptions                                 

104.0 SupportStep Overview

105.0 SupportStep Principles

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